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Reasons to Claim Compensation for an Accident at Work

An employer might be taking the best precautions in place to minimize the chance of injury and injuries to employees in the workplace, but accidents continue to occur. It could be that a workplace incident occurs because of the fault of a coworker or due to a failure by someone else to put up warning signs for hazards following the spill. No matter the reason in the event that you were victimized by an incident at work and were injured without reason of your own you may be entitled to claim an amount of compensation from your employer. To learn more about the reasons to claim compensation for compensation after an injury at work, go through the following article.

The benefits of claiming compensation for an accident at work

There are numerous benefits of claiming compensation in the event of an accident at work that causes injuries, no matter if the injuries you sustained were small or serious, a few of them are given below.

Financial concerns will not be a problem anymore:

Injuries of any kind at work could result in the inability to work for a brief period of duration or for a longer period of. Being unable to earn a decent wage could put you under a significant financial burden and the cost of monthly bills such as rent, mortgages and other essential living expenses can become the biggest issue. The idea of seeking compensation for injuries that occur that occur in the workplace would alleviate any financial issues you might have to deal by allowing you to concentrate on recovering from your injuries.

The cost of specialist care will no longer be an issue:

The work-related accident you were involved in might cause you to suffer serious injury that requires specialist care and therapy, regardless of whether the injuries suffered were physical or psychological. In the event of an accident at work, and having it represented by an attorney on the No win No fee basis could result in access to specialists and specialists that you would not be responsible for having to pay for. This kind of treatment can be vital to your recovery , and may accelerate the process substantially.

The cost of travel to get treatment for your injuries will not be an issue anymore:

Transporting to and from a hospital or any other medical facility for the treatment and treatment you need in order to recover can be a hassle as these expenses can quickly increase. The process of seeking compensation after an accident at work, removes the stress of having to finance travel costs out of the equation whether you need to travel by train, car or bus, taxi, or other methods. This is because you will receive compensation for all of the travel expenses that would be included in”special damages. “special compensation” you get after a successful injury at work claim.

You could receive general and special damages when you claim the compensation you deserve for an accident at work:

You could be awarded general damages and damages for special damage in the event of a successful injury at work case. General damages are difficult to estimate since they are based on the severity of your injuries, as well as your work capacity is affected and the extent to which your health and wellbeing are affected by the injuries you suffered during workplace accidents. Special damages however are more straightforward to calculate since they are determined by “actual” cost and expenses result due to being injured in an accident at work that caused you to be injured, which , as we’ve mentioned, would be included in the amount of compensation you receive.

Receiving interim payments before an ultimate settlement could make life easier:

If the injuries you sustained at work are so severe that you require ongoing, long-term treatment and therapy, or because your claim for compensation is so complicated that it could take a number of years to settle with a solicitor, having a lawyer represent you and oversee the claim will ensure you get interim payments prior to the final settlement is reached by all parties concerned. This could make your life easier by taking the burden of paying bills, mortgage, rent and other expenses of living out of the equation, and allowing you to put your attention on healing from the injuries you suffered from an accident at work.

Your rights as a worker are secured if you’re involved in an accident at work

Rights of workers can be protected by the UK that also protects the event that you are injured in an accident at work which was not the reason on your part. Employers cannot stop your right to seek compensation from discomfort and suffering in addition to any expenses that you are required to pay in the event of getting injured on the job. If your employer does not agree with you making an injury claim for compensation at work it is a violation of the law and may risk further legal action being brought against them. This is why you should always seek counsel from a lawyer with expertise in the field of employment law before you undertake any other actions.

Your employer is not able to dismiss you for claiming compensation in the event of an accident on the job:

Employers are not legally able to fire you if you are seeking compensation for injuries sustained during work. If they threaten you with dismissal and redundancy may seek more legal actions against them. An employer has to have a “valid” justification for showing you the door after an accident at work which caused you to suffer injuries, whether mild or more serious.

Your employer is legally bound by a obligation to protect you from harm and injury at the workplace.

All UK employers are required to comply with the rules and laws the government has put in order to ensure that workers are protected from injury and harm. That means your employer must abide by all Health and Safety Executive regulations as well as other legislation. In the event that your company fails to follow this in violation of the law, then you have the right to pursue compensation if you are injured by an accident on the job due to their carelessness. Therefore, you must consult with a lawyer about how you should proceed.

A lawyer with expertise in handling work related accidents will ensure that you are given the right amount of compensation:

A solicitors firm who have vast experience representing employees in an injury at work claim against their employer will do their best to ensure you are given the damages that the injuries you sustained deserve, recognizing that negotiations will be handled by your insurance provider and the solicitor , as many personal injury lawsuits (95 percent) are settled prior to when they are decided by the judge. This is known as being “settled outside in court” or”Part 36 offer” or “Part 36″ offer” which is a proposal made by the insurance company of your employer directly to the solicitor firm who handle your accident at work claim.

95 percent of personal injury lawsuits, which includes claims that are related to work, are resolved outside of the courtroom:

As we’ve mentioned before when a solicitor believes they have valid claim against your employer, it usually means that your claim will not be subject to dispute. In essence the insurance company of your employer may decide to resolve your case prior to the judge is even present by submitting the Part 36 offer which can make the process much faster.

A solicitor’s services on a no-win, no-cost Fee basis offers many advantages and advantages

A solicitor who has signed an No Win No Fee agreement that they offer you a variety of advantages and advantages, with the main one being that you do not need to come up with the money to cover legal counsel when you require it most. You only have to pay an set “success fee” after your claim has been confirmed. Another benefit is that your case will be evaluated for free at the beginning of your consultation, regardless of whether the conversation takes place via phone or an in-person meeting, based on the nature of your case.