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How to Keep Your Exhibition Stand Busy

Peak exhibition season isn’t far away but you still have plenty of time to get yourself prepared. A lot of time is spent organizing the stand, travel and logistics of the big day, but in order for the day to be successful, the interest from visitors needs to be there.

The success of the day will be measured on the amount of people that show up to your stand, the amount of contact details taken and any conversions you’re able to make on the stand.

Before you get to this stage, the visitors need to be drawn to the stand space. If you’re unsure on how to make this happen, keep on reading!


When choosing the staff for your event, you need to choose those who are happy to talk and hold conversations with anyone who may visit the space.

A quiet stand isn’t the most attractive, but if you find yourself in this situation you need to be able to drawer potential customers in and work the crowd. The team members who attend the event should be friendly, approachable and comfortable speaking to new people about the business.

The key to engaging and offering great customer service is to make sure there are enough staff to service each person. This way you won’t be hurried and stretching your time among a large number of people.

Make An Experience

With competitors in the same room, standing out can be tricky. When planning for an event look further than getting visitors to your stand space and think about how to make it a full experience.

From the level of customer service, knowledge of the staff to a unique stand attraction. Unique attractions for your target audience can be anything from a part of the stand design, right to stand accessories.

LED light boxes are an effective way to add an attractive element and accessories can be games and competitions which are a great conversation opener.


There’s plenty of work to be done before the event, so if you’re the event planner, the work never stops.

Start the networking and advertising before the date of the event and get a buzz around the stand weeks in advance. Speak to people you wish to meet on the day, book in meetings, and give hints as to what your stand space will offer.

Booking slots with customer is a clever way to get some commitment rather than hoping to grab their attention on the day.