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How much does breakdown cover cost?

Everyone doesn’t want to be stranded by the roadside in a damaged down vehicle . Here’s how breakdown cover is designed and how it can assist you when your vehicle is acting up.

What is breakdown cover?

A breakdown cover is a kind of policy that can help you out if your vehicle has a breakdown. For instance, if your car’s battery fails or your tyres puncture or your tyres are damaged, breakdown cover can offer assistance to ensure that you and your vehicle don’t be stranded by the roadside.

It’s worth noting that even though breakdown cover can be bought as a separate policy on by itself, certain insurers offer breakdown cover as an optional extra in car insurance. Some even offer it as a standard feature. It’s always a good idea to research and compare options to ensure that you’re getting the best price available.

What types break cover are there?

You can take out different kinds cover for breakdown cover:

Personal breakdown cover or vehicle

Personal: If you have a personal breakdown, you’ll be covered on any vehicle as long as it meets the conditions stated in the policy. You’ll be able to claim regardless of whether you drove or a passenger, and depending on the provider and policy type the cover might also include people in the same residence – but there may be a limit on the number of

Car breakdown cover

Vehicle breakdown cover lets you claim for the specific vehicle, be it a van, car, or motorcycle, and it is possible to include multiple vehicles that are covered in this policy up to a certain limit.

When you need to compare breakdown cover make sure you visit the website.

Traditional breakdown cover

The traditional breakdown cover is when you pay a certain amount, typically annually, and you receive 24-hour cover for everything covered in your policy. It could cover callouts, at times up to a specific amount per year – in addition to roadside and garage repairs, as well as towing services

Insurance breakdown cover

If you break down you would pay up front for callouts repair, recovery, and callouts, before claiming the costs in the form of reimbursement from the breakdown cover provider

What’s in the breakdown cover?

Breakdown coverage may vary based on the degree you choose to take out and your provider, however, policies can include:

Assistance with roadside emergencies or local cover Local cover: A minimum level of breakdown cover and this is the time the time when your service provider sends a mechanic and recovery car to attempt to fix your vehicle on the roadside. If they’re not able to repair it, they’ll generally take it to a nearby garage

Recovery of vehicles or national cover: With vehicle recovery as part of the breakdown cover you’ll have the option to select any location you’d like for you and your vehicle to be taken if your vehicle can’t be repaired.

At-home breakdown A breakdown that is at home cover is a way for you to contact a service when your car breaks down at home, or just a few kilometers from your home. For instance, if you haven’t driven your car in an extended period of time, the next time you try to start it up you might find that it has an unreliable battery. An at-home breakdown cover will help you get moving again

Onward travel: If you have an onward travel cover included in the breakdown agreement, you’ll get more options to get to your destination. Depending on the provider and degree of cover you select it could include the use of courtesy vehicles, overnight accommodations as well as alternative public transport arrangements

Additional optional extras

Apart from the fundamental levels of cover there is the option to take out extra policies for example:

Key replacement: the standard breakdown cover could not be enough if your keys are lost, damaged or stolen

Battery replacement: you might require an additional level of cover for your insurance provider to change your car battery if it’s running out

Replacement of the Tyre: If your tyre gets punctured and goes flat you could also apply for a insurance policy to ensure your provider will repair it.

Wrong fuel: you could need a different insurance policy when you’ve used the wrong fuel for your car and it breaks down as a result.

Family and multi-car: if your household is comprised of multiple vehicles or drivers, it may be cheaper and more convenient to put them all on the same insurance policy instead of obtaining individual breakdown cover for each. Most vehicles and individuals must be registered to the same address, however some policies might also cover children who are away at university.

Special vehicles: If you have a caravan or trailer attached the vehicle you own, you could require a separate policy in order for these to be covered in the breakdown cover. If you also own an automobile or motorbike, these aren’t covered by a standard breakdown policy

European breakdown cover in the event that you go down in mainland Europe the standard breakdown cover will likely not be sufficient to cover you. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get European cover even if it’s for a single-trip holiday

Common exclusions that are not covered by breakdown cover

It’s important to remember that there are some instances where your breakdown cover company won’t be capable of helping you to help, as the policy may not cover:

Breaking down on private land If you cause damage on private property the policy might do not cover this. Or your provider may charge an additional fee for assistance.

Breaking down with pets and animals: travelling with pets might not be a big problem, though it is possible to notify the insurance company prior to departure in order for them to transport animals. animal(s). But livestock may be a different matter it’s possible to get separate cover for horse or livestock trailers which is why it’s worthwhile looking at it if you’ll need it

Broken down as a result from a road accident if you get into an accident that causes your car breaking down, your repair service might not be able to assist you. If they’re able to tow your vehicle, they might be waiting for emergency services to give the okay first

Breaking down due to insufficient maintenance: as an owner of the vehicle, it’s up for you to make sure your vehicle is kept in working order. If you have a breakdown as because of improper maintenance, like unchanged engine oil, or topping up with an incorrect fuel source, it may not be covered by insurance.

Broken down in another country: even if you have the highest level of breakdown cover possible, if it only applies in the UK then you’ll need an additional insurance policy when you travel abroad.

What is the breakdown cover cost?

The type and extent of cover you choose to purchase Local cover is typically the cheapest and most basic coverage availableand will nearly definitely cost less than a plan that offers in-home or onward-travel cover. Whichever type of cover you select, auto or personal cover will affect the cost of the premium

Anything you can add to your breakdown coverage – by adding additional cover such as faulty fuel or key replacement could cause the breakdown cover more expensive

The number of vehicles that are covered on the policy – having multiple vehicles covered will likely increase the cost of your policy, but it might be less costly than taking out separate policies for each car

The type of vehicle you own – cars, vans, and motorcycles will require different types of repairs as well as taking different lengths of time to conduct the repairs. The type of vehicle you pick could be a factor in your quote for premium.

The model, make and age. Different models and makes can have different repair costs particularly since modern cars typically have more complex and technological features. Older cars may also be more costly to repair because of the lack of components.

Breaking down without breakdown cover

If you experience a breakdown without the breakdown cover in place, don’t worry as you still have options. Some companies offer instant breakdown cover but they’re not all the same. Additionally, others may have an extra cost for emergency callouts within initial 24-48 hours, and other providers may not offer any help even if they do help.

Certain providers also offer breakdown assistance even if they do not have cover, though keep in mind that it will likely cost you a certain amount.