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Advantages Of QR Codes For A B2B Company

If you’ve been living under some rock for the last decade, it’s likely that you’ve come across QR codes in some form or another, in your work as well as in your leisure time. They’re a great way to market your company’s image, and if you’re a B2B company you could make use of them to market your company. But what are the main advantages of QR codes and how can they help your B2B website be more effective? We’re here to explain it for you.

1. QR codes promote sharing and networking

QR codes offer beyond just barcodes. They can also be used to link a mobile device to the “Like” link on your page on Facebook or to direct users on their Twitter or LinkedIn page. Engaging your customers through social media means you have the chance to create a connection with them and they’re more likely promote your business. In addition, as an B2B business, you’ll usually realize that you’re doing the majority of your business via word of mouth.

2. They can be used to serve as”call-to-action”

QR codes could be connected to audio commentary, trailers videos for instruction or any other type of media to create an action-oriented call-to-action. Why not connect your QR code to an email us (or ‘Call Us’) text where scanning the code lets users automatically contact or email you? This is a great way to announce a new brand or offer a promotion – such as, when customers scan the QR code to get a discount. You could even connect your QR codes to your website’s landing pages where an online form for contact is filled with (lead generation for you) for the discount.

3. They can help improve your SEO and SMO

Did you have the knowledge that the use of QR codes can enhance not just your social media marketing, but also the search engine optimization? Doesn’t that sound like what we’re striving for? Bring more traffic to searchable objects and you can optimise them by encouraging sharing.

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4. You can be truly creative

QR codes needn’t look like black and white pixel heavy boxes – in fact they can be designed to look fascinating, allowing you to get imaginative with business-to-business marketing. There are companies out there (such such as QRLicious) that can design personalised, stylish QR codes specifically for you, and many other websites where you can alter the color of your QR code for an individual look. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box and try something different with your QR codes in order to generate a buzz on social media that gets everyone talking about your business.

5. You can measure their efficiency

Inbound marketing lets you examine the cost of marketing of sales, but previously, with billboards and print advertising this was not feasible. QR codes go further and let you evaluate your performance in relation to leads and clicks. You can make use of link-shortening solutions like to generate automatically QR codes that let you share shortened links – they also give you important statistics!

6. They connect your online and offline media

Print media, such as brochures, flyers, billboards and business cards do not have the ability to directly link directly to online content such websites. It’s not until you add QR codes. That’s. An increasing number of B2B businesses are using QR codes to connect their print media to their website, and it’s not necessary to provide your website’s address or phone number (which users could write down wrongly) – prospective customers can just scan your QR code to be taken straight to your landing page.

7. Customers love them

Why do customers love QR codes? Well, for a start, they ease their lives. You don’t have to remember telephone numbers and addresses or remembering to check websites later. A quick scan of the QR code and they’re either calling your company or filling out a contact form on your website. This is particularly important for B2B businesses, as you’re dealing with prospective customers who are typically in a hurry. The more simple and quick they can connect with your company and inquire about your offerings, the more likely to convert them.

QR codes can be used in many various ways. Here are only a handful of the benefits they offer for your B2B website. We’re sure as you start using them, you’ll find numerous reasons why you should not use QR codes!