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Almost Essential Travel Tech for Families

We try to live a low-tech family. We usually are often outdoors in the natural world. A lot of our trips are centered around outdoor activities. But every once in when we go on an excursion that takes lengthy travel time. Then, technology can help keep everyone entertained. Discover our top technology for family travel!

Travel is enjoyable in many ways. From exploring different cultures to broadening your horizons, and fostering empathy, it’s a valuable opportunity to offer your children. But, wow, could it be difficult to do! Everyone gets grumpy when we’re hungry, exhausted or simply bored of our routines. Particularly children. We’ve found some travel gifts and related items designed for families that could help us take care of our kids when they are having a difficult time traveling.

From the obvious to a few items that you’ve never seen or heard about, here’s the top family travel technology.


We at home attempt to teach our children how to be able to manage their time on screens, particularly on tablets. But when they travel, the limits go away. We love iPads for many reasons. Apple is the most secure with privacy. It also has excellent choices for parental controls. However, iPads are more expensive than other choices. We’ve also tried Amazon Fires and even had the Freetime subscription which comes with parental control.

Tablet Cases

Tablet cases are essential for children. I don’t know how many times they’ve helped our children’s devices. There are a lot of cheap models that perform a fantastic job safeguarding the device. There are also higher top models that can turn your iPad into a computer if the case is equipped with wireless keyboards.


Tablets would not be nearly as helpful on planes without headphones. We’ve had a variety of sets through the years beginning with one designed for children. The youngest daughter now wears headphones in school too, so her requirements are more refined. It is a Sennheiser M3 Momentum Wireless headphones have numerous wonderful features, making listening to high-quality sound effortless. Its On/Off, and smart Pause function helps conserve battery. Three modes offer different noise cancellation options ranging from maximum Mode Noise cancellation suitable for airplane use as well as Anti Pressure Mode that offers softer noise cancellation that can be used at home. The soft earpads as well as the headband are just the icing on top of the cake.

Headphone Splitter

It’s inevitable. Somebody does not charge their device. Also, they do not download movies onto the device, and there’s no internet connectivity. The child with internet access now is using a device, but the other does not. It’s easy to keep a splitter for headphones in the pocket. Voila it’s done! Now the two kids can utilize the same device.

Power Bank

Similar problem to above, but with a different solution. A child isn’t able to charge their device, and they run out of battery, but now they have the ability to get more energy from it. I have two power banks I keep within my backpack. They’ve proved to be extremely handy when I’m camping or an app that runs in background consumes my phone’s power fast.

The Power Strip comes with multiple USB Plugs

We also use USB power strips in our home. It’s a great way to gather all the devices in the family to charge all in one location. The majority are small and can be carried easily. One we have at home was actually bought to take on to our Disney Cruise. A majority of the properties that were updated recently have accommodated many devices. But this isn’t always the situation.

Langogo Translator

Are you a frequent traveler to countries in which you don’t know the native language? If yes, then you’ve likely been in the position where you have to try translating a language using your smartphone. Langogo is a superior solution. Its hotspot offers online two-way translation for the 105 languages of the world in just a second by pressing a single button. Furthermore, the hotspot can assist you to find hotels, places to see, as well with forecasts on the weather in your area.

Kids GPS Watch

As a kid, I became confused in Copenhagen. It was a terrifying couple of minutes for me as well as my parents. Wow, technology has revolutionized so many things! The idea of a GPS monitor for your child might be something you consider to travel with your child in areas that are crowded. It’s difficult to keep track of children who are fast. While you wouldn’t wish to need to use it for this purpose but it would certainly be beneficial if it occurred.

Bluetooth Speaker

Does your family go camping? Do you have kids that love music or would you like to throw an informal dance celebration? Bluetooth speakers could be the perfect solution for you. We own a few. One of them is used by my daughter in showers. Also, we own an Altec Lansing bluetooth speaker which we love for camping, and in general outdoor use.