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What is SharePoint Used For?

What exactly is SharePoint?

SharePoint is an extremely flexible Cloud-based managing and collaboration platform. It will aid your team in working remotely, collaborate and collaborate more effectively. Utilized by more than 200,000 businesses across the globe, SharePoint is a content management platform that fosters collaboration between teams regardless of where they’re around the globe.

In simple English, SharePoint allows you to manage all the corporate information (from RFIs, marketing materials, to financials, and much more) Create intranets and websites for your company to keep users up-to-date on the latest developments, design business processes that streamline some of your most routine work (like workflows) and create custom applications to assist your team members in becoming more efficient.

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Why You Should Use SharePoint?

Before we talk about the advantages of SharePoint it is important to determine the reasons for using SharePoint. Think about some of the questions below:

Do you have employees who work remotely?

Do you have employees who frequently relocate from one client place or location to another?

Do you have employees who require access to various devices in order that they can complete their work?

What is the current method your employees are using for using the resources they require?

Do you have any requirements that are aimed at customers for your customers, such as a way to post details, an internet catalog and the on-line Request for Information form, or an online Request for Quote form that your customers must complete?

Do you regularly share documents with your customers frequently?

Are you making use of USBs to carry and work on your presentations or requests for information and marketing materials?

Do you have staff members who complain that they would prefer they had a simpler method to access your material?

The best part is that SharePoint was specifically designed to answer all of these concerns, and a lot of the benefits we’ll speak about below address the most frequent issues that we’ve received from our customers – the need for greater remote/on-the-go accessibility and a move away from USBs (which are susceptible to being lost or damaged) and helping your employees improve their productivity by sharing information and documents with your customers as well as the requirement for a customer face-to-face solution.

SharePoint offers a variety of great features built-in with real-time co-authoring capabilities as well as high-powered tagging tools that make finding content more efficient, access from anywhere at any time (all you require to have is access to an Internet connection) on any device and an incredibly seamless integration with your existing Office 365 environment, which lets you increase your productivity throughout the day.

What are the advantages of SharePoint?

As we mentioned earlier, SharePoint has many benefits included. Below, we’ve listed three of the advantages that we’ve seen our clients to be the most attracted to.

1. SharePoint is Secure

Microsoft is very serious about security. The Cloud computing operation they have in place detects 1.5 million attempts each day to hack into their systems. As a result, they have set aside a security budget of $1 billion USD.

Security is a major focus of every aspect of Microsoft’s work and includes the SharePoint stack. SharePoint is equipped with a number of built-in security options, including the ability to restrict the access of outsiders to access your SharePoint content, set restrictions on who within your organization can access certain items, and create rules to permit or prohibit certain user behavior as well as block or allow access to your team members to your content based on their location.

2. SharePoint Helps Organizations to Be More collaborative

SharePoint is developed to improve the collaboration experience, particularly when it’s used in conjunction together with the various Office 365 apps and services. When used as part of Office 365, SharePoint creates an online workspace that allows teams to gather, finish tasks, and work on tasks.

How, specifically? Here are some ways SharePoint can assist organizations in becoming more productive:

With SharePoint your documents are stored in one central location accessible from any device at any time (all you require is an Internet connection). Co-authoring in real-time means that several employees can be working within the same piece of work simultaneously. SharePoint will always display the most recent version of the document, and the possibility to change into an older one in the event of need. Leaders and team members are able to create assignments for groups or individuals assigning tasks to team members, track the progress of tasks and show any dependencies or connections between tasks. You can access an online calendar as well as a shared notebook (through OneNote), shared chat (through Yammer), and other tools for collaboration.

The greatest aspect of SharePoint as virtual workspaces is that you don’t require an IT department for anything – collaboration is set up by an individual leader of the group.

3. SharePoint Can Help Automate Mundane Tasks

SharePoint Workflows help you save time and effort as well as improving efficiency and consistency in tasks that your organization has to perform regularly. It is possible to think in terms of SharePoint Workflows in terms of a sequence of events that occur when you interact in a document or file within the SharePoint environment. SharePoint can assist you in automating routine tasks, such as collecting signatures or approbations, track document status and delivering notifications whenever something changes or changes, and much more.

Our customers usually use five of the most commonly-used Workflows that they can use within their SharePoint environments Approval Workflows and Notification Workflows, Status Workflows and Automation Workflows and custom Workflows.