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6 Reasons Why Writing a Book Will Benefit Your Business

If you’re a business owner, writing a book might be the most important thing you think of. From managing your finances, addressing the needs of your customers and dealing with the plethora of administrative duties there isn’t much time to even breathe or even create an article.

Writing a book could be among the best ways to grow your company. Here are six good reasons for creating a book is beneficial to your company.

1. Credibility

A book written by you can make you a credible authority in your area. No matter if you’re a consultant for business or lawyer, or even a an agent in real estate, writing books in your field of business can boost your credibility as a professional and personal.

2. Generate Leads

A book can be a huge resource when it comes to creating leads for your company. A highly efficient methods for authors who want to write a book is to mail an actual (or the digital) copy of their book to potential customers. If you want to send your book to potential customers following your initial interaction, and you can offer them free on your site, or have a handful of books on your throughout the day to give out.

To make the most of this strategy for maximum effect, you should include contact information (e.g. the number of your phone, address, and web address) along with additional information about your business, the information you provide as well as the products or services that you offer. One of the most effective locations to include these details is at your back cover of the book, which is in the form an advertisement for your back matter. (Back matter refers to pages that are following the body and the conclusion of the book.)

3. Promotional Tool

When your book is released the book will continue to serve as a marketing tool for both you and your company. The availability of your book through many sources, like Amazon as well as bookstores and your personal website as well as the social networks, is sure to help to create an awareness of your book which will in turn bring awareness to you and your company.

4. More Speaking Engagements

In a lot of cases books can be an effective tool for helping public speakers establish their speaking careers. Also, writing your book can boost your reputation which can help you open up new opportunities for speaking.

5. Create Additional Products

When you write a book it’s beneficial to keep an eye out for additional products you can create to enhance your writing.
A common strategy is to offer a detailed video class or membership program in the context of your book to increase the likelihood to add value to your readers. This strategy will provide the “what” to the readers (i.e. the information they’ll need to be able to complete the task) and your membership or course will provide a deeper “how” for individuals (i.e. how to do the job).

6. Revenues Boosted

For a business owner, there’s more to writing a book than earning royalty from sales of books. As an owner of a business the writing of the book is more about creating several streams of income. From book sales to additional speaking engagements and clients, as well as the sale of additional items, one book could result in the creation of numerous new income streams for you and your company.