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Why Web Design Is Important For Online Retailers

Technology is changing every aspect of our lives, bringing fresh ideas into our daily activities. The way we conduct research, communicate and of course, how we shop have seen huge changes. As a business owner, you have to follow the new rules which have been imposed by the age of digital. Do you know that according to an Telstra Small Intelligence report, around 62% of people are not likely to consider the brand or company in the event they cannot locate information about it on the internet? This simple, short stat is not new, however it underscores the importance of your web presence.

The significance of your website becomes more crucial when you look at e-commerce businesses where the site is the primary characteristic. The fact is, having a website but not putting the effort to it will not make your business invincible. It only takes 0.05 seconds for your visitors to make an impression on your business and decide whether they’d like to stay or leave. This is the exact reason why having a well-designed web design should be an absolute priority for any business owner, and especially online retailers.

If you’re eager to launch your online store, now is the time to examine one of the primary aspects that determine your success. In this article we’ll discuss the most important aspects of your web design to make your store online and then we’ll provide many shopping website ideas to guide you!

We must first understand the reason why having a well-designed web design is important and how it affects your customers. Here are six good reasons to think about making your site’s design a priority as an owner of a business that runs an online store and ways to improve the design.

1. First Impression and Credibility

Your website sets your brand’s tone as potential customers look through it. Your visitors will have just a few seconds before they assess your website and decide whether or not they’d prefer to stay. That’s why that you should put your most well-experienced foot to ensure that the layout of your site provides users with “wanna remain longer here” impressions.

So, take note that an outdated design could make a negative impression of your online store. Customers may leave your website and go to similar products or services from your rival. This is a huge negative for your company’s image and I’m able to tell you that it’s a lot harder to maintain the attention of prospective customers by creating a good first impression without losing customers. The research has revealed that the average to be 66% of internet customers would prefer to look at a well-designed product instead of something that shouts “we don’t have enough.”

Additionally 75% of potential clients judge the credibility of your company from the look and feel of your website. Websites that are poorly designed can make people skeptical about your credibility and professionalism.

Therefore, focusing on your website’s appearance is essential because it influences how potential customers perceive your company. Your website’s design can cause visitors leave, or maintain the attention of your clients to your site. I’m pretty sure you’ll find this to be the best alternative.

2. Search Optimization for Engines

You may recall from our previous blog posts that search engines such as Google evaluate the credibility and quality of your content by applying specific algorithms. Keep in mind that search engines account for about 93% of internet traffic. This is something cannot be cheated. If your site isn’t adhering to SEO guidelines and within the proper requirements, you’ll have to fight for your life to be noticed. As a young company, you don’t need to deal with this issue at the start.

3. Usability

It is essential to ensure that your customers have the ability to locate the information they require in the fastest way. The design of your website plays important role in ensuring accessibility. Research has revealed an average of 85 per cent clients would love to see information regarding your services and products on your website. In addition, the majority want to know how they can contact you and having an “About our company” page will make 52% of clients be feel more comfortable.

So, you should make sure that your website is populated with striking design elements that offer your visitors the experience they expect. If you don’t do this, you can make your visitors unhappy and turn them away from your website. What happens next? They’ll leave your company to join yours. It’s not the kind of dramatic end are you?

4. Navigation

The navigation of your website is among the most essential aspects in web-based design. The majority of online store designers make use of Hick’s Law to alter the way that their customers view them.

In simple phrases, Hick’s Law states that people are more likely to hold off making an informed choice when confronted with a variety of choices. The longer it takes to reach a decision the more likely they’ll end buying the same item. This is the reason in accordance with Hick’s Law it’s important to make certain that your search is simple.

Therefore, you must ensure that your visitors can easily decide where they’d like to go. This can be achieved by making the options simple and straightforward. If we use Hick’s Law on navigation of websites, we want to make the selections so simple for users to decide which direction they should follow. limit the variety of possible options or options to seven.

5. Conversion

Furthermore, the clear elements of your design draw your clients’ attention to your website and make them conscious of what you would like them to see. Nowadays, web designers Manchester for e-commerce employ a variety of design techniques that permit users to make potential buyers attention to specific products or special deals. Your website’s design elements can influence your customers to behave by highlighting particular buttons. These design elements serve one objective: to entice your site visitors to do what you would like them to.

6. Mobile-friendliness

Did you know that, as per Statista in the year 2020, about 49.2 per cent of sales on the internet for retailers in the US were generated through smartphones? The percentage is growing rapidly and could increase to 53.9 percent by 2021. Additionally, 85 percent of users believe that a website are smooth on mobile. Let me provide additional facts-based information as well as sufficient numbers to be current.

A recent study by Google discovered the that 53 per cent of users on mobile leave your website if it takes more than three seconds to load.

The above statistics show the importance of having a mobile-friendly layout for your website. Your site might look beautiful on a desktop computer however, smart web designers working in ecommerce should not solely focus on one screen. It is essential to make sure that your site works and looks good on all gadgets, regardless of the size of the display.

As an example, Dropbox can be an example of a business that has created an impressive and user-friendly site which is responsive to desktop and mobile users.

Final Thoughts

Your website is the main element of your e-commerce strategy. But, building a site without enhancing it by incorporating well-designed design elements is not going to bring your brand towards its intended goal. The above factors emphasize the importance of the web design you select for your company. The experience that prospective customers receive will greatly influence the way they perceive the image of your business. Be aware that people who visit your website will evaluate your brand based through its design and appearance prior to having read a single word , or even browsing your pages. If you ever get at the stage of opening an online store, it’s impossible to ignore the significance of the design of your site to it.

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