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The Technology Behind Scalp MicroPigmentation

It is also known as Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) SMP is a tattooing procedure for cosmetics that involves applying natural pigment to the epidermal layer on the scalp using an instrument with the goal to increase density and recreate the look and feel of hair follicles naturally. By covering the surface of the scalp, where hair loss is already occurring it creates an entirely new hairline for the patient.

Micropigmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure that is suitable for both women and men from all kinds of skin suffering with alopecia or loss of hair. In general, micropigmentation can be used to improve appearance of the eyebrows and increase the definition. The same method can be applied to the scalp, and the smudge-free hair loss solution can last for a long time, helping to boost confidence and self-esteem.

Scalp Micropigmentation for Hair Loss

SMP is a fantastic hair loss treatment option for those who have experienced any kind of hair loss, including:

Alopecia areata
Hair loss
Both genders Male and female pattern

Although it isn’t able to eliminate the causes of hair loss combination with the existing hair it can give the appearance of a freshly shaved full hairstyle.

Additional benefits of the procedure

Along with the obvious boost in a person’s confidence, SMP treatment provides a means to hide any surgical scars that have been left from prior procedures. For instance when a patient has been through a previous hair transplant which brought with it several problems, SMP can be carried out to conceal any imperfections and scars.

Preparation and aftercare

In the initial meeting Our experienced technicians will assist you in preparing for the procedure and inform you of the things you must prepare in advance.

Following the end of the treatment, you might be required to take specific steps, including:

Don’t swim
Avoid steam rooms and saunas for a period of 28 days following the procedure’s conclusion.
Do not exercise vigorously for five days following the last treatment

It is also recommended to apply a moisturizing cream to your scalp after your fourth day following your final session (something you’ll be instructed to do in between treatments).

Do scalp micropigmentation and scalp micropigmentation increase hair?

Scalp Micropigmentation doesn’t aid in hair growth. It’s a hair tattoo that mimics the look of a head that has been shaved. Through the penetration of a needle into the skin to inject natural pigments into your scalp hairline, it assists to make a natural-looking shaved-head appearance.

How long will it take for results to be seen?

While the results of hair pigmentation may be observed immediately, to achieve optimal results, about 3-4 sessions following an initial consult. Each session is conducted in a safe, sterile space to ensure that the client’s experience is positive which means that patients are confident that the results they receive will be top-quality.

If you take care of your scalp, micropigmentation could last for several years. But, as with any type ink, it is possible that touch-ups could be necessary to ensure that the outcomes are kept. Limit the exposure of direct sun on your scalp in order to improve the life-span of the tattoo.

Does micro pigmentation damage hair follicles?

Micropigmentation is not harmful to the hair follicles. Our experts carefully place their insertion points within the hair follicles in order to increase their the density. Even in the case of

Does Scalp Micropigmentation harm you?

Prior to the procedure taking place before the procedure begins, your SMP practitioner will apply an agent that numbs your scalp to ease the pain. But, you might experience some discomfort throughout the procedure. The amount of discomfort you experience is contingent on the level of pain you are able to tolerate.

How do I start?

In the case of hair loss, there’s many options to those who are looking for solutions. From hair transplants to the most advanced hair-loss systems for females and males The technology and the methods for dealing with baldness are always evolving and growing.

If you’re suffering from hair loss or baldness and want to speak to any of our experts do not be afraid to contact us now.