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The Importance of a Promotional Video for Your Business

The people just enjoy watching videos, don’t they?

They log on to YouTube and other social networks for fun watching different videos, from your meme compilations to learning how to open a bottle of coke fast.

The popularity of video is making video content a standard instrument for smart marketers who want to succeed and survive in a crowded market.

With staggering numbers of video marketing statistics every year, it is logical to state that video marketing will be around for the long haul.

If a company hasn’t been on the world of video marketing is leaving profits on the floor.

When it comes to video marketing, there are a lot of marketing-related videos that businesses are able to create.

One of the simplest yet powerful are promotional videos.

Promotional Videos: What is It , and why do you Have One?

For some marketers, promotional video may sound too general.

So, we must be sure that we’re all at the same place regarding its definition.

Thus the term “promotional” refers to commercial videos that are created to advertise services or products to potential customers.

Every video that is designed to present your brand’s image to potential customers is considered a promotional video.

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A thing to remember to keep in mind is that promotional video do not have to be aggressive, sales-oriented pitch. You can still make an effective promotional video that converts well without explicitly asking people to purchase something.

An engaging promotional video can tell a story , and allow the conversation to be on a more intimate level, making the ads less annoying.

Here are some examples of promotional videos:

Explainer videos
Product demo videos
Videos from events
FAQ videos
Testimonial videos
Video advertisements

… as well as much more

Then, why do you require it?

The primary reason is straightforward, and we’ve discussed it in the past: Internet users are becoming more and more enthralled with online videos.

With a captivating promo video, you’ll be able to make your mark and catch their attention quicker.

As opposed to text-based flyers posters, or articles Promo videos enable you to convey your message your story and also showcase the products you sell with a captivating manner.

The potential customers can view the picture from different perspectives, which allows them get a better impression of your brand.

Promotional videos make it simpler for you to showcase the features and explain how they can help your prospects in making their lives more simple.

Some Stunning Examples

After you have the basics of promotional videos. Let’s take a glance at what they really look like.

Here are some stunning promotional videos to help you get inspired:

Dollar Shave Club

Let’s begin with the simplest one Let’s get started, do we? Have you ever watched this famous promotional video? This commercial by Dollar Shave Club knows how to catch their audiences the attention of their customers.

It made fun of the internet to make the ad more memorable. What is a simple way to market the name of a company.


This promotional video by Always is a great illustration.

It is a positive and inspiring story of what ladies and women have faced throughout their lives.

It doesn’t appear to be an advertisement is it? It’s no wonder that this promotional video was spotted across the web.


A huge video production brand, GoPro, lets the video footages talk for themselves. The commercial video doesn’t mention the name of the company.

Fantastic footages demonstrate how the camera can capture an amazing momentthat makes viewers want to see it for themselves.

It’s certainly beneficial for small companies with small budgets.

Best Practices

As you may already be aware that promotional videos don’t just talk about the advertisements for your product and encourage potential customers to purchase the products.

It is a fantastic way to share your story and connect with prospects in no time.

Are you interested in creating one? Here are some important guidelines you should be aware of before starting:

Keep it short and sweet. The optimal length for promotional videos is two minutes. If you go overboard and make it that long, your viewers are likely to be exhausted and disengaged.
Tell a story. Your customers don’t focus on what you sell. They want to know how your product will benefit them. Therefore, you should create an informative video that will explain how your products will benefit them.
Make sure you use the correct tone. You must be aware of the people you’re talking to. Do a thorough study of your potential customers or your intended audience to establish the appropriate tone. If you set the right tone, you’ll create a comfortable environment for them, and they’ll be able to retain the information you provide much better.

This is a brief guide to promotional videos. If you’re finding it difficult to make your own professional-looking videos that increase your sales You can always count on experts.