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The Advantages of Implementing an Employee Intranet

The benefit to business for intranet solutions is in their capacity to connect employees, and facilitate communications across departments. The software allows employers communicate information with their employees, offer training , and connect employees without relying on social media and email. Its benefits are greater now that millions of people work remotely. Employers are able to use this tool to create groups, discuss ideas and gather the data you require to perform your job more effectively.

What is an Intranet?

Intranets for companies have been around for more than 25 years according to a report from Simpplr. These were the earliest versions of the modern tools for collaboration like Asana, Trello and Slack. Certain platforms featured features that were similar with Microsoft Office, allowing users to edit, create as well as share their documents. as well as send messages to colleagues and work together on the web.

Consider the system in terms of an internal site or a repository of information that is accessible to employees as well as the managers of an organisation. From a technical standpoint the intranet is a network that relies on the TCP/IP protocols of companies, as explained by an article from the University of Toronto. (TCP refers to transmission control protocol and IP is the abbreviation used to describe Internet Protocol.) Intranets of companies is only accessible to authorized users, which guarantees data security.

Employees can access an intranet system to exchange documents, communicate with departments or other employees and keep up-to-date with company policies. The intranet system helps in internal communication and could lead to increased productivity. In addition it lets employers track employee engagement and pinpoint any issues that team members face.

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It is possible that your employer could use an extranet as well. Intranets as well as extranets are private networks. However, the extranet is only accessible to users outside the organization like customers and vendors. The main distinction between them is who is able to connect to the platform. An organization can use an intranet for sharing information with employees, as well as an extranet to stay connected with suppliers or business partners. Press releases, news about the industry white papers, as well as other sources can be shared across both platforms.

Intranet Uses, Benefits and Application

Very few organizations are currently using intranets for their corporate clients. Many people believe it’s difficult to setup and maintain, while other prefer the ease using email service. In reality, intranets have developed over the several years. Today, they are much simpler to establish and have less expense than traditional systems. Many platforms have group workspaces Live chat forms, workflows and forms documents management tools, interactive widgets, and much more.

Around 85 percent of businesses that were surveyed with Simpplr in 2019 said that they had intranets for employees. Over 40 percent of users considered it as a little important and 20 percent of respondents considered it as extremely significant. Around 60 percent of companies were considering new intranet options that include improved search capabilities, analytics , and additional features.

According to Simpplr the majority of intranets fail due to inadequate management. Many businesses post unrelated information or have no content whatsoever. It is evident that the leadership’s involvement is a major factor for the overall success or lack thereof of this system. If used correctly corporate intranets are able to be a source of inspiration and motivation for employees, improve internal communication and increase productivity. The software can also aid in collaboration between teams as well as departments.

Marketing departments can, for instance, utilize the intranet for sharing documents, case studies, and product updates. Likewise, the IT team could share security alerts for viruses and train employees about cybersecurity. Managers can offer workshops and virtual meetings regardless of their place of work.

Certain intranets let employees to save and share documents and create projects in real-time and even participate in videoconferences within a single platform. An intranet that is modern and efficient can benefit both large and small businesses and is able to replace many applications.

More Employee Engagement

Internal communications and employee engagement are two things that go hand-in-hand. For employees, you need be aware of where the business is going and what is expected from you at work. Also, you want to be updated on the most recent policy modifications and find out more about ongoing projects your department or your team are working on. You can certainly talk with your boss or coworkers however it’s more convenient to get these details on the intranet of the company.

Forbes says workers who are satisfied their voice is heard by their bosses are 5 times as likely be productive at work. The same source also notes that constant feedback from peers and regular checking-ins boost employee satisfaction and improve performance at work. This is another aspect where an efficient intranet system could assist.

Corporate intranets allow managers to interact more effectively with their employees, and also provide continuous feedback. The intranet also allows companies to reward and recognize employees for their hard work. Employees who feel valued will be more inclined to be involved in their job and to fulfill their obligations.

Improved and Effective Internal Communications

Intranets for HR departments allow them to share information on a regular basis posting daily polls, or conduct survey surveys of employees. Users can also create personalized notifications and alerts according to their preferences. It can also be used as an online platform for brainstorming, focus groups or storytelling, as well as social activities.

This online tool could help improve communication and avoid misunderstandings. For instance, the emails that you send to coworkers may be lost in the inbox , or get lost on the list of spam. Intranets can eliminate the issues mentioned above and make it much easier to stay in contact with colleagues in your team.

Employees can utilize this platform to share their ideas and support each other in growing professionally. They are also able to comment on posts, participate in virtual workshops and have group discussions. Certain platforms let users create a newsfeed, and post quick updates, announcements, or even industry news. These options can lead to increased engagement as well as more efficient internal communications.

Corporate Intranets Streamline Remote Work

Stanford University reports that over 40% of Americans work at home for a full-time job. The coronavirus outbreak has thrown off the traditional workplace which has led to employees being placed in an economy that works from home. According to Stanford University notes, many employees lack the resources they require for working remotely. Additionally, certain employees might not be aware of Asana or VoIP technology, as well as other tools for communication.

A modern intranet can help remote teams as well. With this feature, both employers as well as employees are able to access an integrated communications platform. Consider it an online workplace hub that allows users to work in real-time. This lets companies cut out unnecessary meetings, and save money. Employees are, however are able to discuss project updates and receive the information they require when they require it.

Entrepreneur Magazine points out that the development and improvement of internal communication is essential to involving remote employees. Employers need to find ways to bring employees together and create an atmosphere of community. That’s where an effective intranet can be a huge help. Through access to a central platform employees can stay on top of their work and feel more connected.

If your employer doesn’t have an intranet at present you can make them aware of this possibility. The modern intranet is not just a nice thing to be able to. Today, in the digital age corporate intranets are crucial to boost employee engagement as well as creating communities for companies. They also have the ability to connect individuals who live far apart and enable a broader sharing of knowledge across the organization.