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Sky AdSmart: What is it and should you be using it?

At the close of 2017 Sky AdSmart had reached a few milestones: Clydesdale bank became the 10,000th campaign that was launched, and overall, more than 5 billion impressions were generated through the platform. Every two days, the new or suspended TV advertiser picks AdSmart as the preferred platform.

The platform was launched in 2014. platform lets advertisers show their ads to specific viewers more than 1,400 attributes that include third-party information and a very high degree of targeting to regions which was only previously available on the terrestrial channels ITV1 or Channel 4, and not on multichannel stations in any way.

Therefore, should we be making use of it more often than we already do?

We always consider the overall merits of each media outlet before recommending. Furthermore that with the third of all audio-visual advertisements forecast to be available in 2022, it’s foolish to overlook or ignore it.

But, at present, there are limitations:

Sky AdSmart costs per 1000 varies according to the parameters you decide on, but even the lowest-end target is expensive compared to normal DRTV for those who expect the most immediate return from their investment.

Measurability is an attractive selling point, however it’s not the only thing that matters.

Optimization of scheduling is impossible. Sky doesn’t provide specific information about’spots’ and retail footprints. Call data must be analyzed at a higher macro level.

The targeting can be very beneficial however it’s just at a level for households: Sky doesn’t know who at home is watching the show at this moment.

A large portion of Sky AdSmart delivery comes from zero-rated spot (ZRS) inventory which isn’t expensive and is included with regular TV ads.

Then, should we even think about it?

Sky AdSmart advertisers have a 64% rate of return. This suggests there’s an opportunity to make a difference but many won’t seek out specific results, but instead to increase your reach with their advertisements to a certain group of people.

In addition, for advertisers who have specific audiences in particular niches that aren’t directly purchaseable with low budgets, e.g. regions or audiences that are cherry-picked the platform could provide the lowest entry cost and the appearance of low wastage.

It is important to note that many of the advertisers that advertise with AdSmart are not familiar with TV, which suggests the platform is able to cater for a specific set of advertisers who are interested in using TV.

In conclusion, the entry point for the majority of advertisers is always daytime television: it’s inexpensive with a low price per thousand and a starting budget which is easily measurable and can be optimized using ARMalytics(r) and you can know exactly when and from where it’s being aired.

But, we are always open to price adjustments or clients who have a particular need in which AdSmart is able to meet the requirements and we continue to be flexible, agile yet smart in our client’s budgets.

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