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Conference Room Layouts

Conference rooms aren’t necessarily used everyday but when they are in use, it can be for longer periods of time. The rooms aren’t just for employees and will be used for outside visitors so the design needs to be professional and comfortable.

Making sure you have everything you need to effectively hold a meeting, and keep all guests happy. From style to functionality, the meeting room planning is an important space to get right.

Technology Friendly

It’s without a doubt that a conference room should be tech-friendly, easy to set up and as stress free as possible. To ease the stress using furniture which has cable management and in some cases offer power options.

USB charging ang plug ports are a possibility in a desk and can make for quick work when setting up for a meeting. Especially if visitors are part of the meeting, the room should be tidy and chaos free and cable tidies keep everything in order, whilst considering health and safety.

Au Natural

Natural office designs are a popular choice as it brings natural lighting, outdoor features and has a positive effect on the mood and atmosphere.

Biophilic conference room layouts require some greenery, plants and light to open up a space and create a calming space. Meetings can be long, tiresome and even pointless, so make the mundane more manageable with a comfortable surrounding.


There’s been a lot of talk around sit/stand desks. This is because sitting down for long periods of time isn’t great for your health, and you need some form or movement throughout the day.

Sit/stand desks give the option to sit or stand at your desk which encourages movement through a long meeting. Staying stationary too long can make us lethargic, to keep concentration sharp and meetings positive, sit/stand desks could be a great investment.


There’s nothing worse than being in a meeting and not having all you need in one room. Causing disruption by walking in and out the room doesn’t scream organization.

Keeping spares, extras and all wires to hand, along with stationary and additional paper is a good start to a fully stocked meeting room. Make a list of what it used regularly and store the essentials for quick access.


When we think of meeting & conference rooms we think of a corporate setting with a large table surrounded by seats. However, office design and a more relaxed approach isn’t unheard of.

Swap the long corporate tables for a low table with comfortable seating and sofas. Take the edge of an important meeting with a relaxed setting, but still having everything you need in that one space.