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Advantages & Disadvantages of Calling in a Translation Service

When you run a company and require translations There are three primary options: you can employ a full-time translation expert, work with a translation agency or employ freelance translators. These solutions have their particular pros and cons, and that’s what we’re about explore in this article.

Though in essence, an internal translator and a translation agency perform the exact things, they offer solutions for various needs and scenarios. Some large companies will even use them simultaneously. Companies can also ask translators on freelance basis however the drawbacks are the same as those of running an in-house translation department. Additionally, it won’t always be possible to verify the quality in the absence of an internal team member who can verify the translation.

What are the best times to choose an agency for translation?

There are at minimum four situations where a translation agency is probably the best option. Let’s look at each separately:

You will require localisation and translation

Usually, a full-time translator won’t have the necessary knowledge and experience to offer both of these services. In our previous blog post, localisation is a much more extensive process of translating that takes into account every non-textual and cultural components of the translated text, as well as other issues related to linguistics. To ensure that the text is localised correctly you will require a native speaker, and most importantly, one who is resident in the destination country. For all of this, if you’re looking to purchase marketing or business translations that require localisation the agency is usually your best bet.

There is a need for multiple languages

A translator generally works with only two languages: they speak their own (source) language and another, foreign, (target) target language. Most often, businesses have in order to convert the exact information into many languages. This is often the case with marketing material like product information sheets, as an instance. If you require product information sheets that include three or more languages, you’d be advised to work with an agency. Translation agencies operate in a variety of language pairs, so this task will be no problem for them.

You’d like to only pay for the work done

The agency for translation is a cheaper option. The cost is only for the translation and absolutely nothing else. You are able to start or end your collaboration at anytime and won’t need to cover insurance or other costs that aren’t related to wages. It’s not so with an in-house translator, though. If you’re looking to cut costs on translations, opt for an agency that specializes in translation.

There are a lot of things that must be translated quickly in a short time

A translator is a single person with two hands, one head and approximately 8 hours of working time. As a result, their work load are able to complete each day is limitless. If you are a translation company they are not bound by such constraints. Agencies work with many translators, so they are able to translate huge volumes of text in a very short duration, without affecting the quality.

When should you hire a full-time translator?

Certain businesses decide to hire full-time translators. Why? There are three different reasons:

You would like to provide customer service in another language

If, for instance, you run an e-commerce business and you want to service customers from different nations, you should give customers the possibility of being in a position to communicate with you in their own language. In this case it is possible to employ a native speaker of a particular language and teach them the customer service role. Alternately, you can hire an in-house translator and ask them, along with translating, to offer customer service support, however that’s not an option you’ll find.

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You have a steady quantity of work in each month

If your company orders the same amount of translations each month, an experienced translator could be a necessity. In this scenario it is possible to pay a salary each month is more affordable than hiring a translation agency. On the other hand you should consider the additional overhead expenses, like insurance, and providing the translator with an appropriately equipped workstation.

You need a translator that is specialized in your field

Again, translation agencies usually are able to work with a variety of industries and niches and you’ll be able locate an agency that’s specialised in your field. But if you wish to be absolutely certain that the person working with is familiar with your field (and your company) from top to bottom It is best to pick a professional who is able to dedicate all of their time to your business.