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4 Energy-Saving Gadgets to Save Money on Your Electricity Bill

If you’re having trouble with paying your electric bills over and over again, then the best solution is to reduce your energy usage. One of the main causes of your electric bill increasing is using appliances without thinking.

To conserve energy To save energy, first you need to deal using the appliances efficiently and effectively. If however, your appliances are energy vampires which means they consume more energy than they need to even with no usage, then it’s time to switch devices and purchase devices or gadgets that are not just an effective alternative to the appliances at home , but also helps save energy.

Here are some appliances and gadgets that are energy efficient that you can make use of to conserve energy and save a significant amount of cash on your electric bill.

1. Solar Charger

If you’re constantly charging your batteries on portable devices like the mobile phones, iPods, digital camera or any other portable device that you use, you’ll be increasing charges for electricity. The best way to go with this issue is to purchase solar chargers.

It’s not only effective in charging your devices and reducing your energy consumption, but it also helps save significant energy because it doesn’t require plugging it into an outlet in order for charging. All you have to do is put it outside in a sun-lit location to let the sun complete the work for you. When it’s completed, you will be able to recharge the batteries of your devices with no the power source in your home.

2. Smart Power Strips

If you’ve watched commercials that talk about conserving energy or promote energy-saving gadgets then you’ve probably encountered the phrase “energy vampires.” They are appliances which consume too much energy when they are left connected to the outlet, even when you’re not actively making use of the device or in standby mode. Some of the most commonly used energy-hungry devices at home include televisions, smartphones lights, bulbs, and laptop chargers.

You can certainly disconnect them from the outlet, but it is an unnecessary hassle and a huge hassle and it can take a long time especially when you’re working in a rush. However, if you’re using a smart power strip the devices will automatically shut off the power to appliances that aren’t in active use or on standby, saving time as well as money and time.

There’s plenty of options when it comes to Smart power outlets. Some are color coded, and are separated into sections where appliances must be connected to specific sockets, as well as for other sockets as well. The majority, however are similar to the regular sockets you could place near the appliance, and can be used as regular sockets. It could be however, at the very least you’re saving energy making use of these sockets.

In the average, a typical family saves around 25 percent of their energy bill with smart power strips. If you decide to switch to smart power strip completely and completely, you will save around half of the monthly energy bill.

3. Energy Star Appliances

If you’re looking to purchase the latest appliance like washing machine or microwave, looking for energy efficient appliances will help you save cash in the end. While these appliances might cost more than the average one but you will save money over the long run because they consume less energy, but are still efficient.

This is especially true with washing machines. The technology of washing machines has advanced quite a long way in recent times and currently has products that cost less 80 dollars per year for operation.

4. Smart Thermostat

The use of a standard thermostat at home can be an issue as you must alter it manually. Also, if it’s not adjusted it can cost you additional costs to your energy bill due to due to the lack of efficiency. If you’re making use of a thermostat that is smart you’ll save time and money as the thermostat’s intelligent system will take care of the adjustment for you.

The devices will take into account your home habits and make energy-efficient settings, even when you’re not home. With a smart thermostat you can save about 10 to 25% of energy that will cut down on the majority of your monthly energy costs.


Spending the time energy, money and effort to change to energy efficient appliances and gadgets can be expensive however it’s beneficial over the long haul. A large portion of your costs stem due to the use of electricity and it’s beneficial to budget when some of the costs can be reduced. Therefore changing to energy-efficient appliances is a great choice for your household.