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What Music Did You Stream In 2022? Here’s How To Find Your Recaps

Over on Apple Music, the 2022 year-in-review feature is called Apple Music Replay. The best place to get to your highlights is on the web: Sign in using your Apple ID credentials, then select Get started and Play highlight reel to see a musical tour through your listening habits for the past year.

The stats served up by Apple Music Replay are all fairly standard: The number of minutes that you spent listening to tunes, the songs you listened to the most, the artists you listened to the most, and the genres that had most of your attention. Scroll down to see more information on your listening habits.

In the actual Apple Music apps—for desktop and mobile—this highlights reel isn’t actually available, which seems strange. What you will find inside the apps, if you open up the Listen Now tab, is a playlist that collects together a selection of your most-played songs over the past year—you can choose to add this to your library if you want to keep it.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music via David Nield

You might be invited to see your 2022 Recap as soon as you open YouTube Music.

YouTube Music calls its end-of-year listening digest Recap, and if you open up the app on the web you should see a Recaps section. If it’s not there, click your profile picture (top right), then Your channel. You’ll see recaps for spring, summer, fall, and winter, as well as for the whole year.

Your listening history is split into your favorite tracks, artists, and genres, and you also get a few other nuggets of info too—such as how many of your tunes you go back to and listen to again, or which live versions you preferred over the year. You also get a playlist featuring your top 100 songs of the year.