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Reasons to Prioritise Your Web Design as an Online Retailer

Technology is affecting all aspects of our lives by bringing new ideas into our everyday activities. How we communicate, conduct research and, of course, shop has seen massive changes. Therefore, as a company owner, you must adhere to the new regulations that have been created by the digital age. Do you realize that according the Telstra Small Intelligence Report approximately 62% of consumers will not consider a brand or business in the event that they are unable to find information on it online? This quick, quick statistic is nothing new, but it emphasizes the importance of your online presence.

The importance of your website gets more significant when you consider ecommerce businesses in which the website is in essence the company’s primary feature. But, possessing a site without making enough effort into it won’t make your company invincible. It takes only 0.05 seconds for visitors to form an opinion on your business and decide if they would like to leave or remain. This is exactly the reason why having a great website design should be a top priority for every business owner and online retailers particularly.

If you’re ready to begin your online business It’s time to look at one of the main factors for your success. In this post we will highlight what is important to your website design for your online store, and we’ll be sprinkled with a variety of shopping websites ideas to help you!

Let’s first be aware of why having a good website design is crucial and how it impacts your customers. Here are six reasons to consider prioritising your site’s design as a business owner who runs an e-commerce site and the ways you can enhance it.

1. First Impression and Credibility

Your website is the tone for your business when potential customers browse it. It will take your visitors only a few milliseconds before they judge your site and decide whether they’d like to remain. It is the reason you need to use your most experienced foot forward to make sure that the design of your website provides your visitors with “wanna stay longer here” impressions.

Therefore, be aware that a dated design can give a negative initial impression about your online store. Your customers will quit your site and search for an equivalent product or service in your competition. This is a major loss for your brand and I can assure you that it’s much more difficult to keep the attention of potential customers by leaving a great first impression , without losing your customers. Research has shown an average of 66% internet users would rather see something designed well than something that shouts “we haven’t done enough.”

In addition, 75% of prospective customers evaluate your brand’s credibility by the appearance the website. Poorly designed websites can cause people to be skeptical about your professionalism and credibility.

Thus, prioritizing your website’s design is vital as it affects how prospective customers see your business. Your web design could make your visitors leave or keep the attention of your customers on your website. I’m pretty certain that this is the preferred option.

2. Search Engine Optimization

You may have recalled from our earlier blog posts that search engines like Google determine the quality and credibility of your content using specific algorithms. Remember that search engines comprise around 93% of the internet traffic. This is something that you can’t do wrong. If your website isn’t following SEO best practices and is in line with the necessary standards, you’ll have to fight an uphill battle to get noticed. I’m sure being a young business you won’t have to face this huge challenge from the beginning.

3. Usability

It is crucial to ensure that your users can locate the information they need in the quickest way possible. In reality, the layout of your site plays an hugely in terms of accessibility. Studies have revealed that 85 percent of the customers would be delighted to have details about your products and services on your site. Additionally the majority of them would prefer to find out how to reach your company, and having the “About us” page will help 52% of customers more satisfied.

Therefore, you must fill your site with sharp design elements that give your customers the experience they desire. In the absence of this, you could cause your customers to be dissatisfied and drive them away from your site. What’s to follow? They’ll move to your rivals. You don’t want this kind of dramatic conclusion, do you?

4. Navigation

The navigation on your site is among the most important elements of web design. A majority of e-commerce website designers use Hick’s Law in order to change the perception of their users.

In simple terms, Hick’s Law states that people are more likely to delay making an informed decision when they are faced with numerous options. The longer it takes them to make a decision, the greater chance they’ll end up purchasing the same thing. This is why, according to Hick’s Law it is important to be sure to keep your search straightforward.

So, you need to make sure that visitors are able to easily choose where they want they want to go. This is possible by keeping the options quick and easy. When we apply Hick’s Law on navigation of websites We want to make the choices as easy as we can to make users easier to determine what direction to go. Limit the number of options or choices to seven.

5. Conversion

In addition, the on-point design elements direct your customers to their eyes, causing them to be aware of what you’d like them to notice. Today, web designers Manchester for e-commerce utilize various web design methods which allow them to draw potential buyers focus on specific items or special offers. Your website’s design elements could also make your visitors behave by highlighting specific buttons. These design elements have only one goal: to motivate your visitors to take the action you desire.

6. Mobile-friendliness

Did you have the knowledge that, according to Statista In 2020, around 49.2 percent of all online sales for retail in the US were generated by smartphones? This percentage is rapidly growing and will likely to rise to 53.9 percent in 2021. In addition, nearly 85percent of people believe that websites is a smooth experience when viewing it on a mobile. Let me share an additional factual information and sufficient numbers for the present.

A recent study conducted by Google found that 53 percent of mobile users quit your site when it takes longer than 3 seconds for loading.

The statistics above demonstrate how crucial to have a mobile-friendly design for your website is. Your site may look great on a computer screen, but intelligent web designers in ecommerce must not be focused only on one display. It is vital to ensure that your website functions and appears good on different devices, regardless of the display’s size.

For example, Dropbox can be an example of a company which was able to create a stunning and user-friendly website that is responsive for mobile and desktop users.

Final Thoughts

The website you have is the primary element in your ecommerce strategy. But, creating a site without flavoring it with well-designed elements of design will not bring your brand to its desired goal. The factors mentioned above highlight the significance of the web design you choose for your business. The experience prospective customers get greatly influences the perception about your company’s image. Remember that the people who visit your site will judge your brand on its appearance before reading a single word , or browsing through your pages. If you do come to the point of launching an online store it is impossible to minimize significance of the website appearance to it.

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