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Apple Bids Goodbye To The IPhone Mini

There’s a new version of Bose’s best-selling QuietComfort Headphones, this one starting at $349. There’s also a more premium option called QuietComfort Ultra. It costs $499 and comes with more advanced noise-canceling features, nicer materials, and more robust Bluetooth connectivity features. The Ultras also weigh nearly half as much as the regular, less expensive QuietComforts. The cheaper ones, however, are the only new Bose model available in the nice sage-green color. (The other choices are black and white.) Bose also has a new pair of QuietComfort Ultra earbuds, which will run you $299.

All the devices are available for preorder, and the company says they’ll ship in early October.

Bigger Bendy Screen

HP’s new Spectre foldable PC has a 17-inch screen that bends in half.

Photograph: HP

Foldables are forever, or at least that’s what the companies making them want you to think. Folding phones and tablets make up a small percentage of devices sold, but they’ve found a passionate niche audience. You know, the kind of passionate niche audience willing to spend $5,000 on a folding laptop.

Speaking of which, HP has announced it will sell a $5,000 foldable laptop. Listed on its website as the (deep breath) HP Spectre Foldable 17-cs0097nr, the computer is the first fully foldable laptop made by the company.

I know what you’re thinking: All laptops technically fold, right? Think of this Spectre as a 17-inch tablet that folds in half. It comes with a wireless keyboard that can be attached to one half of the folded screen to turn it into something like a laptop. The keyboard can also be set on a desk in front of the unfolded screen, turning it into a bigger mobile workstation. The machine is 8.3 millimeters thick unfolded and 21.6 mm thick when folded up. That’s almost twice as thick as the 13.4-mm Galaxy Fold 5 phone, but the Spectre houses a more powerful computer inside.