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A First Look At Samsung’s 2024 TV Lineup

I returned the next day and the most blatant issues had abated, but the TV’s lack of contrast and black levels when compared to last year’s excellent QN90C (8/10, WIRED Recommends) made me confident I wasn’t getting the full picture (literally). A few colleagues also said the TV looked great when they viewed it earlier this month. As such, I’m reserving judgment until the full review.

What I can say is the TV showed the same excellent off-axis viewing that gave its predecessor a leg up over many backlit LED and QLED TVs, and I expect it to once again be a top contender in its class when the final version arrives. Even so, Samsung has its work cut out this year, as competitors are promising big things, including massive upgrades to lower-priced models like Hisense’s U8N and TCL’s QM8 that double their peak brightness (or more) over last year. That should make for an exciting QLED showdown in 2024.

Sonic FrameworkSamsung’s Frame TVs have always been more about style than performance, though they’ve offered enough 4K brilliance to become a popular mainstay. That’s what makes the new Music Frame speakers such an interesting addition to the party. They’re designed to be both standalone wireless speakers and extensions of Samsung TVs and soundbars over Q-Symphony. The question we’ve had since CES 2024 is, do they sound any good?

Photograph: Ryan Waniata

The answer in my brief time with a pair of them is, somewhat surprisingly, yes. The solid bass provided by dual woofers along the back panel lends some body and punch to the sound, while the midrange and treble drivers are suitably clear and engaging, if not pristine. That’s better than you’d expect from picture frames that spill out sound from small creases along their sides.

The Music Frames can sit on stands or be wall mounted, and we only got to hear them in the former position where their sound was freer to expand in the lower frequencies. Still, I walked away impressed by their clear and accessible sound and I’m looking forward to hearing more.