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9 Resources To Make The Most Of Generative AI

The recent wave of generative artificial intelligence services, from ChatGPT to Midjourney, are designed to be simple to use: The idea is that anyone can produce text or images using natural, non-technical language. There’s a low barrier to entry.

That said, there’s still a lot to learn about how to get the most out of these tools and about the technology underpinning them, especially if you want to do something truly creative with the help of these tools. Spend some time with the resources we’ve listed here and you’ll quickly become a smarter-than-average AI operator.

From demos of what AI is capable of, to discussions of how it’s best implemented, these videos, podcasts, newsletters, and blogs are well worth bookmarking if you’re keen to invest in the generative AI revolution happening around us.

Inside My Head

Some of the best resources out there when it comes to generative AI are Substacks, and Inside My Head is a case in point. Run by technologist Linus Ekenstam, it features a host of useful AI-related material, covering tutorials on getting the optimum results from these tools and crafting the smartest prompts.

There’s also news on the latest happenings in the world of AI, pointers on different apps that can be of help to you, and promises of much more to come—including an AI training course. Some posts are free to read, while others require a $10/month subscription.

Inside My Head on Substack

Towards AI

Towards AI is a one-stop online shop for all your generative AI needs—it includes news and opinion, tutorials, a busy online community, and more, with artificial intelligence and the latest developments serving as the thread running through everything.

The site covers tools to help you get more out of AI, offers interviews with engineers working in the field, and of course has the obligatory email newsletter you can sign up to. There are also stories on some interesting applications of AI that you might not have thought about before. 

Towards AI on Medium

The AI Podcast

The AI Podcast from Nvidia drops episodes every fortnight and covers every aspect of artificial intelligence, including generative AI. It covers the impact of the technology on gaming, science, sports, language, hardware, and more.

Each week there’s a special guest or two from a different organization in the field of AI, and it’s an engaging and thought-provoking resource for expanding your AI knowledge and figuring out where these various innovations might be going next.

The AI Podcast

Visually AI is one of the better AI-related Substacks out there.

Visually AI via David Nield

Visually AI

Another Substack resource, Visually AI is a project from creator Heather Cooper. It tells you what’s out there in terms of generative AI tools and helps you make the most of them—whether that’s involving text, images, or anything else that AI is capable of outputting.

It’s one of the newer resources out there, so there’s not that much content to get through at the time of writing, but there’s already an AI toolkit you can download and an ethics discussion. Note that some posts are locked behind a paywall, which starts at $8/month.