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23 Best Nintendo Switch Accessories (2022): Docks, Cases, Headsets, And More

The Nintendo Switch has incredible staying power for a console that’s now five years old and has only had a moderate update to its screen and kickstand in that time. Unlike the homebound PS5 and Xbox Series X, the Switch is portable, personal, and packed with exclusives and indie titles alike. Because you can play the Switch at home or on the road, you might need batteries, protective cases, and other accessories you might not be used to buying for a console.

The new Switch OLED is a fine improvement over the original. The accessories on this list should work with the OLED version unless otherwise noted in the text or buy links, though we have not tested them all on it. Some are even suitable for Nintendo’s Switch Lite, the Switch’s mobile-only sibling that cannot dock to a TV.

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Updated November 2022: Added the HyperX Chargeplay Quad, and removed the Nyko Charge Block and Hori Compact Playstand. Jaina Grey and Jeffrey Van Camp also contributed to this guide.

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Photograph: Amazon

For More ProtectionAmFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This is must-have item number one. The Switch is a handheld machine, so you’re going to take it with you on a trip at some point. When you do, its screen will scratch, and you’ll hate yourself just a little every time you see that blemish as you play. 

We’ve used this screen protector, and it doesn’t bubble. It will also protect your screen from the Switch TV Dock, which has scratched some Switch owners’ displays. It has protected my (Jeffrey’s) Switch for more than four years now, and it’s still holding up. This is one of the rare accessories that isn’t interchangeable between the Switch and Switch OLED, so make sure you get the one that’s correct for whichever model you have.

Photograph: Sandisk

For More SpaceSanDisk 128 GB High-Speed MicroSD Card

Don’t skimp on a good MicroSD card. Grab one with at least 128 gigabytes of storage so it lasts for a few years. You can still buy games on cartridges for the Switch, but some titles need extra storage, and indie games on Nintendo’s eShop are only available via download. Pop it in, forget about it, and download tons of games. If you find one on sale, make sure it’s marked as Class 10 and at least XC 1.

Photograph: SteelSeries

For Wireless AudioSteelSeries Arctis 7+

Wireless audio used to be a lot more complicated on the Switch, but since Nintendo finally added Bluetooth, you can use just about any earbuds you have with you. If you want a better headset experience, though, the Arctis 7+ (8/10, WIRED Recommends) impressed us. It has a handy, low-profile USB-C dongle that can plug into the bottom of the Switch without taking up much space. If you need more connectivity options, our previous recommendation, the Arctis 1 Wireless (8/10, WIRED Recommends) not only comes with a variety of dongle options, but it’s about $100 cheaper.